HLN Productions, Inc. is a production company based in Nebraska that delivers some of the most memorable concerts in the Mid-West. The HighLucyNation as it has been known, is built by an unknown number of dedicated music fans spanning the USA and abroad. Known for debuting many known acts to this area including: Bassnectar, Pretty Lights, MiM0SA, Shpongle, Heatbox, Wookiefoot, Bil Bless, Tipper, Dirtybird Artists, The Glitch Mob, Ana Sia, MartyParty, and the list goes on and on. Mainly concentrating efforts in Nebraska the range of music has been all over from Blue Grass to Electronica, Reggae, HipHop, Jam and anything fun that we can get our hands on! We build these events for all of us and YOU to enjoy :)


HighLucyNation Productions was started to help bring Lincoln and surrounding areas a new taste of music. On a whim we started doing events to really just give the musicians and party kids around here an outlet to convey their electronic needs. As time has passed and more and more events have flown by, more and more people have helped to make the initial idea spark beyond control. Thank you to all of you….YOU are the High Lucy Nation!

All the way from the meeting at Sunken Gardens before Sur Tango, to the crazy house parties almost every night years ago. Chaos Theory 2 to The Cave!! The Freedom party to Recover. All the way to KC for Dubl Shot with Carlos Soulslinger!! Diver @ the grove and gettting rejected for the generator to make the afties sweet (which was moved anyways). The Omaha weekly at Billy’s to the Lincoln Alterations weekly at the C-Box. The meeting of the minds then came with Unite Productions and the following events at the Ski area and Mile-a-Way. With time came growth and the realization that L town was the spot to culture the following years. As well as help with other events that occurred in the Mid-West! The time that has occurred has been a blur of local, regional, national and international talent that we have seen, brought, and helped with.. Omaha, Lincoln, and throughout the middle USA and abroad. Working with many of the promoters in the area and abroad we have seen solid growth of the music shows and events coming through here.

Constantly looking for more ideas and thoughts from all of you…!!!

If you feel that we could work together…or have an idea you would like to make happen…let us know!